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Social Drama, Political, Comedy

Nango Gaun

Social Drama, Political, Comedy

When an honest teacher, Pasang, makes an effort to improve the government school in his village, a situation arises where he has to face the election of the village. The village chairman Jari challenges him to win the election and show it. Pasang sees the possibility of winning based on the votes of his students, parents and villagers. He concludes that if Jari is defeated, corruption will be eradicated from the village.

  • Director :  Dipendra Lama
  • Cast :  Dayahang Rai, Shishir Bangdel, Karma, Miruna Magar, Samragyi RL Shah, Buddhi Tamang, Rabindra Jha
  • Release On :  September 15, 2023
  • Duration :  2 hours 30 mins

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